Habituel Citizen NOW Summit Seeks Solutions to Habituel Problems | débit infos

GLENN GAMBOA, AP Business Writer NEW YORK (AP) — The statistics discussed at the first Global Citizen NOW conference were grim. The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed 100 million people back to a life of extreme poverty. Up to 243 million people could be food insecure between today and November due to the war in Ukraine. … Read more

Maison sales fell again due to a jump in mortgage rates | négoce magazine

ALEX VEIGA, AP business columnist Sales of previously occupied US homes slowed for the third month in a row in April as mortgage rates rose, pushing up borrowing costs for potential buyers as home prices soared to new highs. Existing home sales fell 2.4% last month from a seasonally adjusted 5.61 million in March, the … Read more

EXPLAINER: ESG investing and the controversy surrounding it | affaires magazine

STAN CHO, AP Business columnist NEW YORK (AP) — Here’s the latest sign that ESG investing has gone mainstream after starting as a niche corner of Wall Street: it’s been targeted by Republican politicians and billionaire Elon Musk amid a national cultural divide. Using an ESG approach means considering a company’s performance in relation to … Read more

Canada bans Huawei’s Chinese technology from using 5G networks | affaires infos

Rob Gillis, Associated Press TORONTO (AP) — Wireless carriers in Canada will not be allowed to install Huawei equipment on their high-speed 5G networks, the Canadian government said Thursday, joining allies in banning the giant Chinese tech company. Canada was the only member of the Five Eyes intelligence pooling alliance that did not ban or … Read more

COP27 host Egypt to push for climate goals and resolve protests | commerce infos

PETER PRENGAMAN, Associated Press DAVOS, Switzerland (AP) — Hosting the next United Nations climate change summit, Egypt will push countries to meet their commitments to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, facilitate “non-conflicting” negotiations to compensate developing countries for the global effects of warming, and enable climate activists to protest, the new president of COP27 said. … Read more

Sole survivor of 2009 plane écrasement testifies in Paris en bref | commerce infos

JADE LE DELHI, Associated Press PARIS (AP) — The lone survivor of the 2009 Indian Ocean plane crash spoke in a Paris courtroom Monday about her ordeal as a 12-year-old girl hears screams, clings to floating debris and desperately hopes her mother was still alive. Bahia Bakary’s mother was among the 152 people who died … Read more